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Project & Development Management

With a clear and coherent strategy, we’ll be flexible enough to co-ordinate and move quickly when you need it, and provide clarity and insight where it counts.

When it comes to Project Management from Zerum, we’ll sort it. Our diligent and dedicated team is from a background in complex, large-scale development. We’re on hand to assist and guide you make those tough decisions.

We call it Project Management Plus. We’re always on hand, and always at the end of a phone whenever you need us. With commitment, clarity and confident leadership – and a bit of personality thrown in there too – we’ll drive your development forward, assisting you with everything from acquisition, planning, legals, leasing through to procurement and construction delivery.

We’re experienced, co-ordinated and committed to delivering your project, so whatever the brief, and however complex, you can leave it to us. We’ll sort it.



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